• SSIP Cell of Government of Gujarat has provided financial support of Rs. 1.2 Crore to Government Engineering College, Rajkot for development of student centric innovative eco- system.
  • Under SSIP, Government Engineering College, Rajkot has developed Pre-Incubation Center & Tinkering lab in room number B005 of Electronics and Communication Department with area of 244 square meters. It has unique combination of laboratory space and Co-working space with the capacity of 100 students.
  • The Center is equipped with various modern project development boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi to implement IoT and Embedded Systems based projects. Variety of sensors, electrical and mechanical accessories are available to develop the prototypes of their concept. The facility of 3D printing is also available from Center of Excellence of GEC Rajkot. The detail list of items at Pre-Incubation center  :