Finishing School Training Programme

Finishing School is a Gujarat Government funded initiative run by Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat for the betterment of the final and pre-final year graduate students. The project facilitates the placement of students by providing training in the chosen areas: Life & Employability Skills (40 Hours) and Functional English Skills (40 Hours). Total 80 hours training is given to the registered students of multiple branches in four different time slots by the empanelled trainers. 


  • To groom the students in various aspects of employability skills
  • To cultivate life and interpersonal skills
  • To generate the polished and adaptive workforcefor the industry ecosystem

Government Engineering College, Rajkot has utilized the grant of Rs. 480540/- till date for the same. From 2017 to 2021, nearly 850 students have undergone training of this school in different batches.

The training comprises of both theoretical and practical sessions. The instructions are imparted through various interactive sessions, power point presentations, audio-visual aids, demonstrations, hands on sessions and fun activities.

Set – A Life & Employability Skills

Self-Awareness SWOT, Self-Esteem and Self Confidence, Life & Professional Goal Setting, Grooming, Personal Hygiene and Body Language, Resume Writing and Cover Letter, Job Search and Career Options, Group Discussion, Interview Skills, Empathy, Interpersonal Skills

Set – B Functional English Skills

Self-Introduction and Introducing Others, Nouns and Pronouns, Describing Words, Vocabulary Building, Verbs Part-1, Tenses Part-1, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Connectors, Framing it Right!, Telephone and Email Etiquette (Part-1)

Set – C Life & Employability Skills

Positive Attitude and Motivation, Self – Discipline and Emotional Intelligence (EI), Team Work, Leadership Skills, Professional Ethics and Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Presentation Skills and Meeting Etiquette, Social Media& Cyber Etiquette, Stress Management and Anger Management, Time Management

Set – D Functional English Skills

Verb Part-2, Tenses Part-2, Developing a Paragraph, Report Writing, Email Etiquette Part-2, Communication Skills and Barriers, Telephone Etiquette Part-2 and Appropriate Use of Language on Social Media, Speak and Contribute, Group Discussion